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3 ways to retain key employees

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Business Litigation |

Your employees have the success of your business in their hands. While you clearly play a massive role, you can’t be in all places at once, so you need people you can trust if you want to succeed.

Once you find them, the problem becomes keeping them. If they are good, word will soon get out, and your competitors could seek to tempt them from you.

So what can you do? Here’s a clue: It’s not about dress-down Fridays and free pizza.


Most people got used to not having to go to the office five days a week during events of the past few years. Forcing them to go back to the old routine does not appeal to many workers anymore.

This doesn’t mean people want to work from home all the time. Many missed the social aspect of the office, as well as the opportunity to learn from teammates. What people are demanding is flexibility. It makes it easier for them to do all those other things that life demands.

Fair treatment

People don’t want to receive less pay just because they are a woman or be skipped over for promotion because of their skin color. 

An employer who aligns with their values

While some people will set aside their personal values on matters such as climate action in exchange for a fat pay cheque, more and more won’t. 

There’s legal help available if you want to update your policies and contracts to increase the chance you keep the employees you value.