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The importance of knowing what you want in business disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2023 | Business Litigation |

Many think your principal aim in business litigation should be to win. Yet it’s not as simple as that – it all comes down to how you define a win or a loss.

Here is an example: A client is upset with you, saying you did not provide services as agreed. They want you to refund them the full amount and tell you they are willing to go to court to get it.

If you feel you did not breach any agreement, you might decide they can take you to court if they want because you are sure a court will come down in your favor. You go to court, and sure enough, the court agrees with you. Does that mean you have won? Not necessarily.

The client is likely to be upset. They almost certainly won’t want to do business with you ever again, which could mean a crucial loss of income if they sent you lots of trade before. They may be so unhappy about the whole affair that they do their best to make sure no one else sends you business either. This could include posting negative reviews online or telling others in their network about the experience.

Sometimes accepting a minor loss can make you a major gain

Here is the same example, but in it, you take a different approach. The client rings you up, clearly very upset. You go out of your way to make it up to them and they are so delighted with your resolution and keenness to please them that they tell everyone in their network about how wonderful you are. This brings you lots of new business and retains the loyalty of the original client.

Knowing what to do in a business dispute is not straightforward. Consider legal guidance to examine all your options and their possible consequences.