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Empowering You To Make The Right Choices About Chapter 11

Individuals and businesses that do not wish to liquidate their debt may have the chance to reorganize their obligations through Chapter 11 bankruptcy. These cases involve the debtor creating a plan that, if confirmed by the bankruptcy court, becomes a legally binding agreement between the debtor and the creditors as to how the debtors will repay their debts.

Businesses file Chapter 11 more often than individuals. In either case, determining the advisability and feasibility of filing Chapter 11 involves a complex analysis. At Brundage Law P.A., our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help our clients throughout the Tampa Bay area make the right choices at the outset about seeking relief in bankruptcy court.

Aiding Creditors During Bankruptcy Filings

On the creditor side, some of the clients we represent in bankruptcy cases include:

  • Secured lenders
  • Trade creditors
  • Unsecured creditors
  • Asset buyers
  • Litigation creditors
  • Other parties that may have a claim against a Chapter 11 debtor

Our lawyers are creative with their representation agreements, which can often lead to cost savings for our clients. They are available to consult with non-bankruptcy counsel, and they regularly act as special bankruptcy counsel, local counsel or co-counsel with referring lawyers in Florida.

Helping Debtors With Their Reorganization

On the debtor side, our legal team is available to handle Chapter 11 cases of varying sizes. Our fee arrangements and engagement terms vary depending on the size and nature of the case. Often, we can provide flat fees so that you know what to expect.

Take The First Step Toward Resolving Your Debt Issues

If you are considering filing Chapter 11, our attorneys at Brundage Law P.A. will consult with you free of charge. Arrange a consultation at our Safety Harbor office using our online contact form or by calling 727-250-2488.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.